Sunday, 2 October 2016

Wired Martian blog

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After a month of code frustrations from trying to build a website with MEAN (JavaScript software stack) that a friend of mine introduced me to, I finally merged victorious. Initially, I had built my application using .NET MVC, and it was almost complete and working perfectly, until he (my friend) asked me why am I using .NET MVC to build my app. I understood what he meant!  He started opening up his Command Line, typing commands that made him look like a hacker, and that was enough for me to want in.

And so I abandoned my MVC app and made it open-source, the source code is available on GitHub, continue from there. Just 2 days after that "unfortunate" event, my monitor started looking like the bottom picture, and it wasn't "just" about showing off to peers (other students), but I actually knew what I was doing.

After doing that for 2 weeks, I was finally done with step 1. Then I deployed my NodeJS website on Heroku mid of last month (September), I was sure a blog would be the last step to a complete developer website. Unfortunately, being a MEAN ninja, I couldn't build a blog and MEAN being a new stack, few resources covering the subject were available.

Then I realized, blogger let's your customize both the HTML and CSS of their templates, and I was in business. One thing I wasn't willing to settle for was having a blog that I didn't write not even one tag on its HTML. And so after tackling that for 2 days, I finally arrived at something I could settle  for; a blog that has the look and theme of the wired martian website.

And with that, all I'm stuck with is maintenance...

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